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Every Event Tells a Story!

Your event tells a story – At D2 Production Services, our job is to tell your story as effectively as possible, using the best and coolest technology available.  And hey - when things are firing on all cylinders (or, on all feeds, frequencies, connections, and such.…) and your event is epic – you may even forget we’re there!  It’s a beautiful thing.


But as we all know, the beauty of technology comes with that built-in risk – that when - not if - when it screws up, it could potentially suck the life out of your incredible story and your epic event.  Ughh!


But wait - that’s when you suddenly remember D2 Production Services IS there!  You breathe a sigh of relief - knowing we’re already on it.  And We. Don’t. Flinch.


Yep, that’s the crew you want to trust with your event - the guys who don’t flinch. 


D2 Production Services.  

Phone: 704-622-8578

Email: D2productionservices@gmail.com